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Rosalia's readings will give you clarification, understanding, and serenity right from the very start.


As the reading begins, she will require only your full name, date of birth.

With that information, she will tell all there is to know.


Her focus in life is to help those who are misguided or misunderstood within them selfs.

In order to advise direct and predict your future there are several different methods used when doing so, depending on the reading you choose


Types of readings offered.

  • Psychic

  • Palm

  • Love/Relationships

  • Tarot

  • Medium

  • Spiritual


Questions & Answers

Q: Can you bring back my lover?

A: Yes, I've helped many bring their lovers back.


Q: Do you cast spells?

A: Yes i am able to cast a verity of different spells.


Q: Do you charge per minute?

A: No. I charge one flat rate for all sessions, the reason for that is so i do not rush my clients. Putting a time limit on sessions causes people to loose focus.


Q: Do you help with Grief?

A: Yes i could help you to overcome any pain and sorrow that may be troubling you.

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